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      silence dimsen?offers a large range of ceramic hybrid bearings to fit the needs of mainshaft jet engines to gearbox applications. Silence dimsen’ ceramic hybrid bearings, which include cylindrica


      Knowledge engineering company dimson developed a performance bearing configuration that forms the core of a new generation of machine tool spindles. Designed by dimson S.p.A., the leading manufacturer of CNC machining centers in Italy, these products are a key step in the company's plan to further improve its machine performance, precision and functionality.

      Founded in 1966, dimson is a leading international company in design and manufacturing technology. It operates globally and is designed to provide close service to its customers. It has production facilities in Turin, Italy and Pune, India, and sales and service subsidiaries in the US, Mexico and China. The dimson multi-spindle machining center is sold to customers in many industrial sectors around the world, especially in the automotive industry, for independent or integrated online systems for the production of powertrains, chassis and other components. , transmission and brake components.

      In the past few decades, dimson products have evolved from dedicated machines to high-speed horizontal and vertical multi-axis machining centers. These machines are compact and dynamic, designed to meet medium to high production volumes and provide world-class manufacturing standards. As part of its ongoing R&D program, dimson works closely with its strategic suppliers in the design and engineering of manufacturing technologies to further enhance the performance and reliability of their equipment.

      “Our new, quick-change, multi-purpose spindle design is an important step in this process, enabling customers to reduce manufacturing time while further improving component quality and complexity.”
      One of the challenges for dimson is to develop spindles that are fast and easy to change while still retaining the quality and reliability standards traditionally associated with the company's products. In addition, each spindle must be suitable for both horizontal and vertical machining centers and can handle the various stresses imposed by the different speeds and axial loads of each machining operation; for example, the speed range for milling and turning operations of different components can range from 1 Rpm to over 12,000 rpm.

      It took a 30-year development time for the dimson R&D team to develop a new spindle system. Then the solution for using ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings was obtained.

      These compact, lightweight bearings are designed to operate at extremely high speeds with excellent stiffness, load carrying capacity and service life. For the new dimsen spindles, these ceramic ball sealed high-speed super-precision angular contact ball bearings have dimsen developed separately.

      Each spindle features a dedicated, custom-matched bearing set that creates a unique combination of features, especially at high speeds and high stiffness.

      These ultra-precision bearings are protected by integral seals, mounted on both sides of the bearing, made of oil-resistant and wear-resistant NBR, and reinforced with steel inserts. This solution eliminates the risk of contamination of cutting fluids or metal chips. The seals also feature a specially designed profile for use with high quality, low viscosity bearing greases to minimize friction losses and rolling resistance.