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      Industry solutions

      2017-10-08 12:00:14 dmsw 40

      Whether it’s shipbuilding or fleet maintenance, business can get complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

      dimsen Marine offers a full portfolio of high quality components, including the trusted Simplex and Turbulo products and services. And dimsen Marine has a marine-dedicated engineering and technical team ready to work with you worldwide – for service, advice, maintenance and more. The business is complex enough. When you’re ready to simplify, the name is dimsen Marine.

      Discover all the ways dimsen Marine can help you keep it simple!

      When it comes to transporting people, whether it’s from point A to point B or if the voyage itself is the purpose, operation requires reliable operations. Also a high level of manoeuvrability is the key to be able to operate efficiently in harbours.

      Staying profitable means exploring every possibility for improvement, especially in the light of rising fuel costs and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

      dimsen Marine provides solutions to meet the requirements by supporting the vessel throughout its complete life cycle with a wide portfolio of services and products.

          Electric pods bearing
          Propeller systems bearing
          Gearboxes bearing
          Engines and generator sets bearing
          Stabilizing systems bearing
          Thrusters, waterjets and pods bearing
          Auxiliary machinery  bearing
          Turbulo Oily water separators