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      Efficient Manufacturing: Using Bearing Repair to Extend Bearing Life for Heavy Industries

      2018-06-06 09:00:02 dmsw 68


      Bearingsin dimsen industrial equipment are damaged. The usual practice is toreplace the bearings and scrap them, and replace them with new ones.Nowadays, with the improvement of bearing design, materials and bearingmaintenance methods, bearing repair has become a Possible choice of item.

      Almost all bearings are not dead.
      Itmay be incorrect installation, insufficient lubrication, or externalpollutants, excessive ambient temperature, quality problems of rawmaterials, etc. There are always various factors affecting the servicelife of the bearing, and it can end up in the end, reaching L10. (Design life) standard bearings can be described as rare.
      The following factors are important killers of bearing life:

      Installation, sealing:

      Theinstallation of the bearing has a great influence on the service life.The bearing installation requires good concentricity. The sealing deviceis sufficient to prevent the intrusion of dust, particles and water.The radial clearance of the work should be properly adjusted, theclearance is too small, and the friction temperature of the bearingincreases. The surface of the roller table is burned, the clearance is too large,the bearing vibration, inertia, impact is serious, the noise is large,and the life is reduced.

      Dynamic load:

      When the card steel, rolled cold steel, and the roll enter foreignmatter, it will cause ten times to several tens of times of impactforce. Therefore, the operation of the rolling mill should bestandardized, and the phenomenon of the card steel should be eliminatedto avoid the early fatigue damage of the bearing.


      If the working temperature exceeds 120 degrees Celsius, thetemperature of the roller and the raceway is higher (about 150 degreesCelsius), which will exceed the tempering temperature of the commonbearing. The hardness and dimensional accuracy of the bearing greatlyreduce the grease failure.


      Poor lubrication will cause excessive friction and temperature rise, which will cause early damage to the bearing.

      The premature failure of bearings caused by various use orenvironmental factors is a great waste of resources. The extension ofthe service life of bearings can be said to have important socialsignificance of energy conservation, environmental protection andresource conservation.

      Let the bearing that needs to be repaired repaired

      Overall reduction of production equipment operating costs, improvework efficiency, extend bearing life, environmental protection, bearingrepair technology has a lot of bearing significance, but not everydamaged bearing should be repaired.

      A bearing damage condition requires a rigorous testing process to determine if it can be repaired. For example, bearings with large cracks, large peeling, and overheating discoloration may not be repaired and must be scrapped.

      Moreover, the bearing repair technology is based on the concept ofextending the service life of the bearing, so it is necessary todetermine the service life of the bearing through professional testing.

      Regular routine inspection of the bearings is essential, allowing theprofessionally trained personnel to perform routine maintenance to graspthe timing of the repair, which can help the company to effectivelycontrol the condition of the bearing.

      For example, considering the imported bearings with very accurateaccuracy, due to technical considerations, companies generally buy newbearings for replacement after damage, but the following threesituations should really choose bearing repair technology:

      (1) The failure mode of the imported bearings used in the ball mill ismainly the wear of the rolling surface, fatigue or fretting abrasion,especially the damaged parts are mostly cages or rolling elements, andthe ferrule or gasket still has repair value;

      (2) The imported bearing is damaged or has failed and the part has nomajor damage, or the valuable imported bearing must try to extend itseffective use period;

      (3) The imported bearings are slightly damaged, such as slight rustgenerated during the inventory period, and slight fretting abrasioncaused by the transportation process, which is easy to repair and apity.

      The bearing repairs the same effect as the new bearing

      Selectthe bearing repair, determine the bearing to be repaired, carry outdetailed inspection, confirm the repair plan, generally repair thebearing with surface damage in a short time, the surface treatment ofthe raceway and rolling element, the setting and modification of theclearance, etc. Repair the bearings that need to be fully repaired, disintegrate,raceway fatigue layer removal, rolling element replacement, cagemachining or replacement, clearance settings and changes.

      Aftercomprehensive testing, formulation of the program, specific repairs,and a well-defined repair process, the bearing performance after repairis the same as that of the new bearing. The precision parameters such as the clearance can meet the requirements of the new bearing.

      Therepaired bearings run stably on the equipment, so bearing repair isindeed an option for business owners to refer to compared to scrappingand purchasing new bearings.