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      DIMSON offers the best bearing products and services for aerospace applications

      2018-10-29 13:36:21 dmsw 72

      DIMSON offers the best bearing products and services for aerospace applications. Each of our bearings is dedicated to our extensive industry experience to ensure a safe landing. Aviationaircraft landing gear bearings are the result of cooperation with theworld's top aircraft wheel and brake manufacturers. These wheel manufacturers use DIMSON's expertise to ensure the safety of every landing.

      DIMSON has a deep technical expertise and a well-trained service teamin the field of aerospace technology to help you solve problems properlyand maximize your investment.

      DIMSONapplies its experience perfectly to the bearing, aerospace industry andmaintenance practices, creating industry standards outside the wheelmanufacturer. For these maintenance standards, please refer to the "Aerospace Gear Wheel Bearing Maintenance Manual". Thismanual describes the operating procedures and related issues for commonlanding gear bearings and provides comprehensive guidance for terminaloperators in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). In addition, the manual covers operations such as disassembly, handling, cleaning, inspection, damage mode, repair and storage.

      DIMSON also provides bearing repair and inspection training. Thetraining topics include Timken's best practices in the following areas:
      – Bearing disassembly and handling
      – Bearing cleaning and inspection
      – Bearing damage mode
      – Bearing lubrication
      – Bearing installation
      – Bearing storage
      – Bearing setting and adjustment

      Design characteristics

      Our design meets both customer and FAA quality standards.
      Bearing performance enhancements are standard in current and emerging applications. These high-grade bearings have tight tolerances and higherperformance, and can withstand the peak loads that a large jetlinercontinuously produces during its landing.
      Special surface treatments are available to further improve wear, fatigue and friction.


      Main wheel and front wheel combination for private, commercial and military aircraft.

      Special surface treatment for aviation bearings

      Theapplication of DIMSON's special surface treatment in aircraft landinggear wheels can effectively solve the problem of rib/roller end abrasioncommonly found in aviation applications.