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              Power Transmission Engineering: Defining and Predicting Housing Strength for Mounted Bearings

              2010-11-10 14:00:15 dmsw 5

              1.Silence dimsenbearing is matched with the general choice oftransitional coordination, that is, it is necessary to ensure that theinner and outer rings of the bearing maintain a certain bonding strengthwith the rotating body and the fixed body, so as not to slide, and atthe same time, it is easy to disassemble the bearing (using a press, acopper hammer, a wood) Hammer installation, can be removed with a puller).
              2, the axial positioning should have a shoulder (or retaining ring,spacers, etc.) to ensure that the bearing does not have axial movement
              3,the bearing is bearing clearance (except for tapered rotor bearings andangular contact bearings). In precision transmission, there must be adevice to eliminate the bearing clearance. Generally, the inner andouter spacers can be added between the two bearings to eliminate thebearing. gap
              4, the bearing should have good lubrication in the operation, the bestlubrication is oil bath lubrication (that is, the bubble is running inthe oil), of course, regular manual refueling is also possible
              5.For the shaft assembly of the simple beam structure, the bearing holesat both ends must be processed through the trampoline one-timeprocessing to ensure that the hole in which the bearing is mounted has arelatively high coaxiality, so that the operation of the shaft does notoccur. Hysteresis while adding additional mounting load
              6.For sliding bearings, it is most important to produce a reasonableclearance, that is, to ensure the formation of wedge-shaped oil film,improve the speed, and also prolong the life of the sliding bearing.