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      To a great extent, Dimson’s success has been based on people. They are the key that unlocks our ability to innovate, develop and ultimately realize our vision to equip the world with Dimson knowledge.

      As such, every dimson employee is part of a global company that is committed to taking over a century of accumulated knowledge engineering and driving this forward into the next hundred years and beyond - regardless of which field we specialize in, what position we hold or which country we are in.

      Within Dimson it is also understood that this commitment carries with it great responsibility. We must always strive to satisfy the high demands placed on us by our customers, shareholders and colleagues. Furthermore, our defined aim to be a good corporate citizen also requires us to treat sustainability issues and the communities we live and work in with the utmost respect.

      To ensure we remain focused and clear as to how we should go about these responsibilities, Dimson created a corporate booklet  ‘ which establishes the following;

      ?    Vision and Mission
      ?    Values
      ?    Drivers
      ?    Code of Conduct

      These basic principles define the essence of Dimson's culture. They tell us who we are, what we stand for and help us unite in the true  spirit of teamwork and openness. They allow us to remind ourselves how we have evolved as a company. And perhaps most tellingly, they fire our imaginations, giving us a clear vision of what we can achieve in the future.