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      Dimson is the main business of the company is precision ball bearing design, manufacturing and sales of the world's top brands, in some other related products, such as precision angular contact ball bearing surface coating and has a long life, Dimson global leadership is more devoted to the development and consolidation of business in other areas, including special steel, wind power system the insulation of special treatment, precision bearings, couplings, special robot system, high precision, special machine tool spindle.In order to meet the needs of the global market, Dimson  has been divided into various professional departments. According to the special needs of various industries, we actively develop technology and research, and constantly introduce innovative technologies and products, and set up new standards.

      The number of employees of Dimson: as of 2011, the number of employees 16000 people, the total number of institutions in  70 sales offices, 9 technical center and 14 distribution centers, 20 countries and regions worldwide 6 joint ventures established in 6 countries. And in Australia, Chinese, France, Germany, Italy India, Canada, a sales company, Dimson company is committed to provide high quality products with high precision for a variety of customers, from the small end users to the OEM customers. And is the world's leading integrated industry and CNC machine tool products supplier.Dimson to represent and excellent technology and continuous innovation ability. With high bearing production precision manufacturing solutions, wind power system, Dimson company for the development of the manufacturing industry and make contributions.

      Dimson Advantages of bearing:

      Dimson  design, production, manufacturing various types of high-quality bearings, all bearings with special high strength stiffness hardness, manufacturing tolerances and its structure are different with ordinary bearings, the bearing is especially suitable for the requirements of high precision and high speed oriented machinery. Ultra precision ball bearings are designed. These silent SILENCE bearing are displayed in equipment operation. Most of the ultra precision ball angular contact ball bearing with 15 degrees to 40 degrees of contact angle, in order to adapt to the different combination of radial and axial load. The special channel processing and design of ball bearings can be obtained may work at the highest speed can meet the high requirements of machine tools with high speed, high precision and hardness requirements. These bearings can produce tolerance to P 4 to P 2, high-quality bearings of the SILENCE design with improved internal and surface enhanced optimization. This makes the axis The bearing fatigue ultimate load has been greatly improved.

      Wind power field :

      Many countries are actively developing wind power, to make full use of the natural resources do not harm the environment.Dimson is working closely with some international well-known manufacturers, the development of efficient and maintenance free,.Dimson turbine using the professional knowledge and experience, and provide a bearing condition monitoring system of high quality, to ensure the long-term wind power equipment reliable operation in harsh environments.

      application area:

      Dimson products are widely used in the production of precision machinery for use in all areas. How to minimize the friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency? This past purely expect precision, each field has begun to use satellites in orbit, aviation, railway and automobile, papermaking equipment, CNC machine tools, office equipment and food machinery and other industrial sectors the!


      Its products include: special steel, special treatment of wind power system insulation, precision bearing, special coupling, robot system, high-precision special machine tool spindle, ultra precision machine and its environmental system.


      For more than 50 years, Dimson bearing company has always regarded quality, technology and innovation as its business philosophy. The foundation of strong customer quality certification fully proves the customer's affirmation and trust for Dimson company.
      In the application of wind power generation insulation system and CNC machine tool, we have the leading frontier technology in the world.